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What is KeenFit?

Established in June 2017, we are a group of young adults who’s mission is to help people live a healthy and fit life. We take great pride in our professionalism and state of the art facility.

Fat Beware !!! We are here and your game is over.


Passionate Coaches

Coaches that love their job and always strive to make every session better. They motivate, encourage and push you to your limits.

Personal Training

Training tailored to the individual and designed to help you achieve any goal that you have. Each session has one of our coached completely dedicated to you.

Group Classes

Affordable classes that have up to 16 people in with two coaches at every session and a pre-programmed workout that the coaches will tailor to you should you have any injuries or problems with specific movements

Why Work with Us?


We are professional coaches who display the highest value of professionalism and integrity.


We don't just help you identify your weaknesses. We offer real sustainable solutions that can be applied to help you achieve your fitness goals.